‘Grand Tour’, double solo exhibition of Rüdiger Giebler and Moritz Götze in Poppi

15.05.2022 - 17.09.2022

Two renowned German artists are exhibiting for the first time in Italy and have chosen a magical place in Casentino for the event: the village of Poppi. Rüdiger Giebler and Moritz Götze present their 'Grand Tour' in the former church of San Lorenzo, which for years has been a contemporary art gallery a short distance from the Conti Guidi castle.

The exhibition is part of thirty dates on which ever-changing works are exhibited on all continents. For more than ten years, the two artists have in fact been touring the world, inspired by an old European cultural tradition.

Formally, the two painters tread different paths. Moritz Götze with his clearly defined black lines, often filled with light colours, is a conscious protagonist of German pop art. Rüdiger Giebler, on the other hand, with his refined drawing, varied colour palette and restless, expressive brushwork, feels closer to the language of Max Beckmann.

The encounter takes place in the profound references of their art: the power of imagination, founded on historical foundations, which sweeps away the limits of space and time, the power of an imagination that moves in the present and the vigour of figurativeism and artistic concreteness, ‘obsolete’ in the positive sense of the word.

On display are paintings, drawings and painted enamel works with direct reference to the places where they are exhibited. This is also the case in Poppi, where for the altar of San Lorenzo, which frames an alluring empty space, Götze has specially created a work that everyone will be able to admire at close quarters by visiting “Grand Tour”.

Info: Hours: daily, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., free admission.


‘Grand Tour’, double solo exhibition of Rüdiger Giebler and Moritz Götze in Poppi

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