Fiera del Mestolo ad Arezzo

09.09.2021 - 11.09.2021

The month of September sees Arezzo fill with a traditional fair, the “Mestolo” Fair which each year colours the city streets with more than 270 stalls from all over Italy.

The event takes place just before the grape harvest, in the past it attracted all the countryfolk who would come to town to renew their agricultural equipment necessary for the grape harves.
Today it is an event that for three days brings products of all kinds, flavors and food and wine from all over Italy. There is no lack of tradition with exhibitors who produce and market objects for the home and agriculture in wicker and wooden articles.

The stalls are located in the Eden area, via Spinello, via Margaritone, via Guadagnoli and piazza Sant’Agostino.

Green pass is required to access the benches.

Fiera del Mestolo ad Arezzo

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