FIAF presents “Ambiente Clima Futuro”

18.06.2022 17:30 - 10.09.2022 00:00

The FIAF and the CENSIS Foundation present the 'AMBIENTE CLIMA FUTURO' project, the first initiative of photographic documentation and interpretative analysis of the phenomenon of environmental protection in our country, carried out by professional and amateur photographers.

In the particular moment of transition that we are experiencing today, straddling a past marked by pollution, waste of resources, poor land management, the problem of waste and climate change, and a present where good practices, both public and private, are moving in the direction of a future with greater attention to the environment and its balance, the FIAF Photographic Project wants to be an opportunity to reflect on these processes of transformation, recounting both the places and activities where there are projects and experiences of recovery for a return to a more natural environment, and those situations where exploitation and impoverishment are still underway to support an economic system that is increasingly in need of resources that are difficult to renew, in a rhythm of growth that is irreconcilable with the maintenance of a natural balance.

Info: Tel. +39 0575 1653924

FIAF presents “Ambiente Clima Futuro”

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