October Festival 2021

01.10.2021 19:00 - 04.10.2021 23:00

From 01 to 04 October 2021 the festivities in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary.

19:00 – Polifunzionale Ugo Nofri: rock music evening with stand with drinks and sandwiches by the association L’Ottava Torre.

14:30 – Sports Facilities: Radio modeling tests by RCD Radio Control Driver.
16:00 – Welcome of the participants to the walk Fiesole Siena “viandArte” by Pro Loco Castiglion Fibocchi.
16:00 – Social aggregation center in Piazza delle Fiere: opening of the painting exhibition of the painter Luigi Viroli entitled “Le Facce di Lu'” by Pro Loco Castiglion Fibocchi (it will last until October 4th).
16:00 – Piazza Roma 1 and the area in front of it and Borgo Cassi: opening of the exhibition of objects, documents, static military vehicles dating back to the period of the Second World War, by the association Fronte Italiano 1945 aps (it will last until October 4).
16:00 – Piazza della Chiesa: Dante readings by Uby Kovacevich of the Free Academy of Theatre.
16:30 – Piazza Roma: “Come Dante Commediante” workshop for children in collaboration with Diesis Teatrango.
21:00 – Polifunzionale Ugo Nofri: Castiglioni’s Got Talent by the association L’Ottava Torre.

From 8:00 to 22:00 fair in the historic center.
09:30 – Green space adjacent to Largo Berlinguer: installation of Dante’s bust, followed by the inauguration of the Municipal Gym at the Polifunzionale U. Nofri with exhibition band “La Tramontana”.
15:00 -Piazza della Chiesa, presentation of the mask “la Selva Oscura di Dante” by the Carnival of Castiglion Fibocchi.
15:00 – Impianti Sportivi: radio modeling competition by RCD Radio Control Driver.
15:00 – Synthetic soccer field to 5 adjacent to the municipal gym: street pong tournament with stand with drinks and sandwiches by the Sports Association Settetorri.
16:00 – Municipal Gym: “Sport for all in Castiglioni” each sports association will give the opportunity to make a test of their specialty.
18:30 -Council Room: delivery recognition to the painters who participated in the exhibitions of painting of the Summer Castiglionese Culture and the boys who participated in the graphic contest “Dante 2.0”.

13:00 – Sports Center via S.Agata: inauguration of the bike path.
13:30- Cycling race under 23 elite Mario Zanchi Trophy.
18:30 – “Io Dono quindi Sono”, dedication of the square in front of the school to the voluntary associations of Castiglionese.
22:00 – Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo: fireworks.

For the duration of the festival will be present
Counter of the caps of the association Neuroblastoma and stall of Calcit. Carousels in Piazza delle Fiere.
Painting exhibitions at the Palace ex Stigmatine and the center of social aggregation in Piazza delle Fiere. In the days of the festival our country will be adorned by the masks of the Sons of Bocco.

Thursday, September 30, Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2 at 17:30 triduum in preparation for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary followed by Holy Mass.
Sunday Holy Masses at 8:00 am, 11:00 am with procession in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary and 18:00 pm.

October Festival 2021

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