Dovizi summer, Theatre under the stars

19.08.2021 21:15 - 23:30

From July 27th to August 19th starts the summer season of "Teatro sotto le stelle" (Theatre under the stars), a new important initiative conceived and curated by Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus, Municipality of Bibbiena and NATA Teatro, with four shows that will be staged on the stage in the courtyard of Centro Italiano per la Fotografia d'autore of Bibbiena.

The program

– It will be Katia Beni to inaugurate the season Tuesday, July 27 at 21.15 with “Katia Beni Show”. An exciting assembly of madness and comedy that grows and changes night by night thanks to the improvisation of the protagonist and the continuous involvement of the public. A “mini show” in which we talk about everyday problems, a ruthless and tender portrait of the behavior of mankind: women, men, young and old seen through their splendor and their miseries.

– On Monday, August 2 at 9:15 p.m., “I Marziani Al Mare – dieci anni dopo”, written by Alberto Severi and directed by Nicola Zavagli, will be on stage. The show, produced by the company Teatri D’Imbarco, tells us about the holiday cravings of a long-time couple, Mara and Alvaro, struggling with a dream vacation in the summer of ’73. On stage two magnificent performers, Beatrice Visibelli and Marco Natalucci, ready to draw two characters always in the balance between comic mask and human truth, laughter and tenderness, which amplify the grotesque and tragicomic side of the characters and the events of the protagonists.

– On Sunday 8th August at 9.15 pm it will be the turn of the company Proscenio Teatro which brings to Bibbiena the show “Goal 1986” by Stefano Tosoni, with Lucio Matricardi and Stefano Tosoni. A monologue that speaks of soccer played at the age of thirteen in the field of the priests behind the church, in the streets, in the parking lots, and tells the microcosm of youth leagues dotted with figures and characters as epic as they are comic. It is in these small provincial fields, scattered all over our country, that it is possible to rediscover the most beautiful game in the world, the one in which the strongest does not have to win.

– Programming closes on Thursday, Aug. 19 for World Photography Day. On the CIFA stage at 9:15 p.m. will be “Gli Occhi Di Vivian Maier (I’m a camera)” produced by Banda Osiris, directed by Roberto Carlone and Caterina Cavallari. Four characters, very different from each other, played by a single actor-musician: all people far away in time that Vivian Maier’s photographs have realigned and hooked into the world. A show that is also an exhibition and a guided tour in Vivian Maier’s world, but above all a declaration of love towards the purity of this great photographer.


The shows will start at 21.15.
Admission is 10€ by reservation by calling or sending an sms to +39 3791425201.
More information at +39 3791425201 or

Dovizi summer, Theatre under the stars

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