Diary Archives: Pieve award

16.09.2022 00:00 - 18.09.2022 23:59

The Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano takes to the streets from 15 to 18 September 2022 with "Seekers of Peace", for the 38th edition of the Pieve Saverio Tutino Prize. The Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano, which collects more than 6,000 writings of ordinary people, represents a treasure chest for collective memory. Every year in September, eight Diaries arrived at the archive during the last year are awarded by a jury, with an event featuring meetings, exhibitions, and in-depth studies on writing, history, and memory.

The town of Pieve Santo Stefano, also known as the City of the Diary, has a public archives in its town hall. The archives collect writings of common people, since 1984, in which everyone’s life and the history of Italy are reflected: they are diaries, letters, autobiographical memories. Forty years after the end of the war, in a wing of this building, a house of memory has risen: a public place to preserve writings of private memories. One of the most particular, is the memory of Clelia Marchi, a peasant woman who told her story by writing it on the sheet of a trousseau, more than 2 meters wide. “The sheets I can no longer consume them with her husband and so I thought of using them to write”. A work that has become symbolic for the Diary Archive and that you can visit.

The program of the Pieve Award:


For info and reservations prenotazioni@archiviodiari.it or tel. 0575.797731 – +39 366.9316981
To participate, it is necessary to fill in a form that you can find here: Link.

Diary Archives: Pieve award

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