Cycling with Fiab, tours and excursions

02.10.2022 00:00 - 00:00

A rich calendar of excursions for experts but also for neophytes, with a single passion: that of jumping on a bike!

Organised by FIAB, an environmental organisation that promotes the use of bicycles as an ecological means of transport, the excursions seek to rediscover and enhance the area, combining the cultural, artistic and natural beauty of the places on offer with the idea that these itineraries can be appreciated and enjoyed even more by pedalling.

The excursion days are of various levels, in terms of scope and location, in order to satisfy all the needs of those who wish to participate.

Never before has the theme of environmental sustainability and energy saving been as topical as it is today, and for FIAB Arezzo these themes rhyme with cycling, pedalling, gentle mobility and low impact.

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Cycling with Fiab, tours and excursions

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