Cortona On The Move

14.07.2022 - 02.10.2022

For over 12 years, the International Visual Narrative Festival has been transforming the medieval town of Cortona into a temple of contemporary documentary photography.

Tell the world your stories and do it with images. Travel stories and life stories that explore the world, its changes, its struggles and its people. All these are told through the perspective of the lens by the great masters of photography as well as up-and-coming talents in the contemporary arts scene. Cortona On The Move is all of this and more. It’s about extraordinary new points of view coming together, creating dialogues and fostering growth in our understanding of the reality in which we live.

Cortona On The Move is the dynamic hub of contemporary photography where experimentation and a force towards future developments in visual language are all welcome. Starting this year, the invitation to participate has been extended to contemporary visual storytellers. These artists can take suspended moments, captured through multiple stories on social media, and give them a voice. 

Cortona On The Move is the festival for anyone who loves photography and storytelling. Travel through time, connect with thousands of lives represented here and get ready to discover the most authentic stories: our own.

In the 2022 edition, Cortona On The Move continues its research in the field of documentary photography with a focus on the incessant evolution of visual language by extending international collaborations and presenting original and unpublished productions.

The Exhibitions of 2022
What exactly happens when we photograph? Is photography a weapon or an illuminating beacon? Who has the right to photograph what? Is the consent of the photographed obligatory? Are we still photographing windows or are we just lost in a giant hall of mirrors looking at ourselves endlessly? These are questions that have been debated for decades and are intrinsic to the nature of the medium, but which have recently re-emerged with new vigour driven by the identity battle that has engulfed us. The realisation that it is urgent to reconsider how ethnicity, gender and class are represented is disrupting old unwritten rules and writing new ones.
There are many exhibitions to visit that provide an international view.

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Cortona On The Move

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