Concert Fast Animals and Slow Kids ad Arezzo

31.08.2021 21:00 - 23:30

The Fondazione Guido d'Arezzo has organized for Tuesday, August 31 at the Roman Amphitheater of Arezzo, the concert of the band of alternative Italian rock "Fast Animals and Slow Kids" as the penultimate of the appointments of the Amphitheater under the Stars and last leg of their summer tour started June 25 from Florence "DAMMI PIU' TEMPO".

The band is composed by Aimone Romizi (voice, guitar, percussions), Alessio Mingoli (drums, second voice), Jacopo Gigliotti (bass) and Alessandro Guercini (guitars). They start playing together and writing songs in 2008, the year in which they take their first steps in the clubs of their region.

Thanks to their first concerts, the band (which chooses the name FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS inspired by a gag of GRIFFIN) is hired as an opening act of national and international bands that in those years were passing through their city, Perugia.


The concert will start at 21.00 and will end around 23.30. Ticket 25,00€ to buy

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Concert Fast Animals and Slow Kids ad Arezzo

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