Castel Dante 2021 in Poppi

31.08.2021 21:30 - 23:59

Castel Dante is an annual summer festival dedicated to the relationship between great authors and their fruition for the general public through original contemporary creations dedicated to the Castle of Poppi in relation to the vocation that the place expresses for having welcomed Dante Alighieri, for being home to the Library and especially the Library Rilliana, and for having always hosted writers, artists and scholars.

On August 18 at 21.30 will be the guest of Castel Dante the famous populariser of science, writer and youtuber Adrian Fartade with “THE SKY AND THE STARS THROUGH DANTE’S EYES”, a lesson-performance created for the occasion, to talk about stars and astronomy at the time of the Supreme Poet.
On Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August from 21.00 onwards, the original site-specific show “L’AL DI LA’ L’AL DI QUA TUTTO CONTIENE” will be staged. An experience of immersive theater traveling for two spectators at a time in the spaces of the castle on visions of poetry on the three canticles of Dante. The show will also be repeated on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 August, with shifts from 21.00 to 24.00.
here will also be space for children: for them, in fact, is the show “BAMBINI ALL’INFERNO – STORIE DIVINE DELL’ALTRO MONDO” of the Children’s Theatre Company “Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro” of Empoli, which will be staged Wednesday, August 25 at 21.30.
To close the Festival Tuesday, August 31 at 21.30 we think Livio Valenti with the show “DIVINA COMMEDIA AL BAR”, a divertissement Dante light and intelligent, with live music by Lorenzo Bachini, the Company Nata Theatre.


All events are with compulsory reservation at +39 379 1425201
As per ministerial regulations, the event is open to all those who have already obtained the Green Pass.

Castel Dante 2021 in Poppi

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