Battaglia di Scannagallo 2022

30.07.2022 22:00 - 31.07.2021 00:00

The battle that changed the history of Tuscany forever. Let yourself be catapulted back to 2 August 1554, when in the field of Scannagallo at Pozzo della Chiana the Medici of Florence, the Spanish, the French and the Lords of Siena clashed to the death for the conquest of Tuscan land.

As in a painting by Giorgio Vasari. The costumes, armour, weapons and colours of the factions are reproduced to perfection following the paintings in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence by the Maestro. Amidst the fumes of gunpowder, halberds, war cries, clashes and cannonballs, you can safely experience life in a military camp of the time. And find yourself feasting with commoners, soldiers and lords, among jesters and court musicians.

Take part in the most epic battle of the Renaissance and mark the history of Tuscany!

The event is scheduled at 22.00 on Saturday 30 July in Pozzo della Chiana and is part of the Battaglia di Scannagallo (Battle of Scannagallo) which, now in its twenty-first year, will unfold over two eventful days in which the events that took place in Valdichiana in 1554, when the Florentine army of Cosimo I de’ Medici imposed its domination on the Sienese army and laid the foundations for the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, will be re-enacted. The heart of the weekend will be the actual reconstruction of the battle that will involve more than one hundred participants from eight historical groups from all over the peninsula, but the novelty proposed by the Scannagallo cultural association will be the Palio della Battaglia (Battle Palio) that, at night, will allow one to witness an exciting and spectacular challenge borrowed from the games of the 16th century.
Competitors will compete using bales full of straw to commemorate the ten thousand bags of grain stolen by the Sienese in the sacking of Foiano della Chiana. The Palio della Battaglia will take place in a meadow surrounded by the historical encampments of the Franco-Senese and Medici-imperial armies and will be run in teams of three (one bearer and two defenders), with each team having to carry its bale across the finish line. The rules state that one may obstruct or block the bearer with the opponents’ bale, always with fairness and chivalry, deploying real strategies to win the race. At the end of the Palio there will be an award ceremony for the winning team and a party with refreshments for all participants. This moment is part of a calendar that will continue on Sunday 31 July in Marciano della Chiana with Renaissance music concerts, guided tours of the tower, and gastronomy.

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Battaglia di Scannagallo 2022

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