Arezzo Zenzero Fest

09.10.2022 18:30 - 20:00

Mini literary festival. Six appointments with six authors between September and October between fiction, non-fiction and more.

“Zenzero Fest” is a new appointment in the calendar of literary meetings in Arezzo. Six appointments with authors to be held, for “number 0” 2022, three in September (9-10-11), three in October (7-8-9).
“Zenzero” proposes itself as a cultural event “at the end of the season” offering the public a programme of meetings with writers and book presentations, with the intention of bringing an increasing number of readers closer to the novel, the essay, the book interview, through direct contact with the writers themselves.
Part of “Zenzero” is the “Zenzero Off” section, a review of various events including book presentations by local authors, conferences, musical appointments, walks and guided tours to be scheduled throughout the year, with the aim of maintaining a high level of attention on the initiative.

September programme:

– On Friday 9, Giorgia Trasselli, the nanny of Casa Vianello and Fosca Innocenti’s Bice, will talk about her life as a theatre actress (and not only) as recounted in the book “Scusi, lei fa teatro?”.
– On Saturday 10, on the other hand, the world of women’s football will be the protagonist with Giovanni Di Salvo and his “Azzurre”, a fine opportunity to highlight a sport that is experiencing a magical moment precisely in Arezzo.
– On Sunday 11, Antonella Prenner will present her ‘Il canto di Messalina’, a gripping and intriguing historical novel set against the backdrop of imperial Rome and dedicated to the life of the restless empress, wife of Claudius.

October programme:

The first appointment is Friday 7 with Antonio Fusco and his latest novel “Io sono l’Indiano” with which the author inaugurates a new series centred on the figure of Massimo Valeri, a sharp and independent policeman.

Saturday 8 will be the turn of Elisabetta Villaggio and her “Fantozzi. Dietro le quinte” in which she recounts the artistic and more intimate life of her father Paolo Villaggio.

Zenzero Fest will close its “premiere” on Sunday 9 October with Marco Vichi and his “Non tutto è perduto”, the latest investigation of the much-loved commissioner Bordelli.

All meetings will be held with free admission for the public. And at the end of the meeting, the customary copy signing.


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