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Arezzo. The City of Vasari / Honorata e gratiosa

The deep connection of Giorgio Vasari with the Fraternita dei Laici is documented by the numerous letters preserved in the historical archive of the institution itself and by the many commissions entrusted to him over time


Frequently called to Arezzo to hold honorary positions, on March 3, 1571, he took on the role of Rector of the Fraternity, although the name of Francesco di Bradino Torri was drawn “in his place.” These were the years in which the project for the Loggia of Piazza Grande would mature, one of the last expressions of Vasari’s architectural art and the thematic nucleus of the exhibition. The itinerary unfolds through a selected archival repertoire, revealing the most significant phases of the architectural endeavor that redefined the layout of the platea communis, becoming a symbol of the City’s autonomistic aspirations and the ‘chosen place’ of its ancient memories. From the panel with Saint Roch by Bartolomeo della Gatta, dated 1479, which documents the architectural layout of the square before Vasari’s work, to the first graphic surveys; from the famous wooden model of the loggias commissioned by the Rectors to Giorgio Vasari with a letter dated July 19, 1572, to the Grand Duke’s approval for the realization of the work; from the documents related to the construction process to the “View of Piazza Grande” painted in the late 18th century and attributed to Cristoforo di Donato Conti. Also present are precious testimonies about the artist’s life – starting from the baptismal act to the copy of the will drawn up on May 25, 1568, by Raffaello Eschini at the Spedale degli Innocenti in Florence. The exhibition also includes the Portrait of Giorgio Vasari by Pietro Ermini, the effigies of those who contributed with their legacies to the realization of the work, and documents attesting to the “purely Vasarian” idea of bringing water to Piazza Grande, which will see the Fraternity engaged in the new aqueduct project.


The exhibition is organized into the following sections:


I. The “chosen and designated place for constructing new buildings”
II. Giorgio Vasari «principale architettore»
III. The construction site of the Logge and “the different stones that serve the architects”
IV. For the honor and glory of the City
V. Memories, testimonies, and effigies


The exhibition dedicated to Vasari is located within the museum itinerary


Regular / € 5,00
Guided tour integration / € 2,00
Cumulative entry for groups of over twenty people / € 3,00 per person


Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici
Piazza Grande


• Free admission for children up to 14 years and visitors with disabilities.


Ticket office contacts:
(+39) 0575 24694

Exhibition / Honorata e gratiosa

Fraternita dei Laici Palace



from June 27, 2024 to February 2, 2025


Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici
Piazza Grande, 1