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Arezzo Moonlight Festival

The event will host nationally and internationally renowned authors. In addition, there will be stalls with handicraft, artistic and agri-food products typical of the area, as well as street performances.


For five days, the following authors will take turns on the terrace of the Fraternita palace: Walter Sabatini with “Il mio calcio furioso e solitario”, Alain Elkann with “Adriana e le altre”, Enrico Galiano with “Geografia di un dolore perfetto”, Flavio Caroli with “I sette pilastri dell’arte di oggi”, Carlo Piano with “Il torto”, Nadia Fusini with “Maestre d’amore, Giulietta, Ofelia, Desdemona e le altre”, Franco Marcoaldi with “In breve”, Augusto Tocci with “Il Pancristiano, cibo dei Pellegrini, viandanti e transumanti”, Maurizio De Giovanni with “Sorelle. Una storia di Sara”, Cinzia Leone with “Vieni tu giorno nella notte” and Massimo Mercati with “L’impresa come sistema vivente”.
These are some of the events of the cultural marathon organised in Piazza Grande. An authentic literary salon with afternoon appointments at 6 pm and evening ones at 9 pm immersed in the charming Piazza Grande where visitors will be welcomed by stalls with traditional products.
The characteristic wooden and canvas stands will be the stars of the 2023 event, thus expanding the city’s tourist offer, and during the tour, among the fascinating and characteristic stands, it will also be possible to taste wines and watch performances that will enchant adults and children alike. A plunge into the past thanks to stilt-walkers and events in the event with shows dedicated to the magic of fire and the circus.


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From July 20th to July 24th, 2023


Piazza Grande