Antiques StreetAR

04.06.2022 - 05.06.2022

With Antiques streetAR, an event proposed by the Associazione La Staffetta and made possible thanks to the Fondazione Arezzo Intour, artistic interventions will take place during the Antiques Fair, where the leitmotif will be the dialogue between antique and modern, with the precise aim of portraying the beauties of antiques and their history through a language that is up-to-date but still often misunderstood.

On the two days of 4th and 5th June, five masters of street art (Mister Dada, Bibbito, MixMax, Pocio and Exit), part of the crew led by Daniele Castagnetti, will create, on large panels, works on the theme of the ‘Antiques Fair’, working in some of the city’s most evocative locations such as the Terrace of Fraternita, Cathedral square, the entrance to the Prato park, Piazza Sant’Agostino, and Piazzetta delle Poste.

They will offer the public a demonstration of how different languages and artistic expressions can merge together in the name of beauty, recovering ancient traditions (such as the art of graffiti that has always accompanied human history) and bringing them into the contemporary world.


  • Piazza Vasari scalinata della Fraternita dei Laici
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Prato incrocio tra Via dei Pileati e Via Ricasoli
  • Piazza S.Agostino
  • Poste Centrali


Antiques StreetAR

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