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Alice canta Battiato

On stage, the new record project by Alice “Eri con me,” sixteen songs by Franco Battiato. 


The new and captivating record project by Alice, titled “Eri con me,” is an exciting tribute to one of the greatest masters of Italian music, Franco Battiato. Sixteen carefully selected songs bring to light the magic and depth of Battiato’s compositions.

At the core of this extraordinary project lies the long and storied artistic collaboration between Alice and Franco Battiato, which began with their unforgettable interpretation of the song “Il vento caldo dell’estate” back in 1980. Since then, the bond between the two artists has grown and solidified, culminating in the Battiato and Alice tour in 2016, a pivotal milestone in their careers.

During the tour, Alice shares the stage with Carlo Guaitoli, an exceptional pianist and conductor who has played a special role as a long-time collaborator of Battiato for over twenty years.

A crucial element of the tour is the Italian Philharmonic Soloists, an ensemble of talented musicians who enriched the performances with their instrumental mastery and ability to create evocative atmospheres. Their involvement was so significant that they were also part of the studio recording of the album “ERI CON ME,” contributing to its unique and immersive sound.

This record project is much more than a simple tribute to Battiato. It is a work that rediscovers and reinvents his songs, breathing new life and emotional intensity into them. Each track is a testament to Battiato’s exceptional artistic legacy and his ability to create enveloping melodies and deeply meaningful lyrics.




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July 22, 2023, at 9:00 PM


Fortezza Medicea
Viale Bruno Buozzi