Aboca Museum Experience November

07.11.2021 10:30 - 12:30

On November 7th Aboca Museum organized two events "Herbs and Health through the Centuries" and "Propolis Lip Balm".

“Propolis Lip Balm” will be a fun workshop activity for adults to create a natural propolis lip balm. Under the guidance of trained operators and using the company’s organic raw materials, a natural preparation will be made for each participant.

11.30 am: meeting with the guide at Aboca Museo in Via Aggiunti 75 in Sansepolcro (AR) and beginning of the activity.
12.30 pm: end of the activities. Cost per person: € 9.00. For reservationshttps://www.abocamuseum.it/it/eventi/laboratorio-balsamo-labbra-7-novembre/

“Herbs and Health over the centuries” exalts the therapeutic power of herbs and passes on the history of the millennial relationship between Man and Plants. The visitor crosses the rooms with the precious herbariums, the books of pharmaceutical botany, the ancient mortars, the ceramics and the glassware, accompanied by the scent of medicinal plants.

10.30 am: meeting at Aboca Museum in Via N. Aggiunti 75 in Sansepolcro (AR) and start of the activity.
11.45 am: end of the activities. Cost per person: €12.00 for adults, €6.00 for children from 6 to 10 years old. For reservations https://www.abocamuseum.it/it/eventi/erbe-e-salute-nei-secoli-7-novembre/

Aboca Museum Experience November

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