7°Biennial of Young Italian Photographers in Bibbiena


Back to Bibbiena in the weekend of September 17 to 19 the ninth stage of Portfolio Italia Gran Premio Fujifilm, as part of the 22nd FOTOCONFRONTI and the 7th Biennial of Young Italian Photographers. Rich program of the event: exhibitions, seminars with FIAF teachers, book presentations.

The theme of the Biennial is “Traveling. Journeys of the body, journeys of the mind.”
It is very likely that the restrictions on freedom of movement and the psychological consequences imposed in this period, but also the allusion in the enunciation of the theme to other types of itineraries, contributed to directing the authors’ way of approaching the subject. The idea of travel, commonly associated with moving from one physical place to another, was interpreted by the young participants in a broader way. Applying to the contents of their works a metaphorical, inner, conceptual, imagined conception of travel, attentive to the problems of the planet and the consequences of technology. A characteristic of all the works is their complexity.

As for the Fujifilm Grand Prix, the photographic event, through a series of stages throughout Italy, from May to October, went in search of the most popular photographic portfolios in our area, collecting twenty finalists whose works will then be exhibited in a national exhibition at the CIFA – Italian Center for Fine Art Photography in Bibbiena (AR).

The program

Friday, September 17 there will be the inauguration of the exhibitions circuit off at the courtyard of CIFA.
Saturday, September 18 there will be meetings with teachers, with presentations of authors and schools participating in the VII Biennial of Young Italian Photographers.
Sunday, September 19, there will be three book presentations.
The first will be Virgilio Fidanza’s book. Photography and Photographs. The second will be the book by Leonello Bertolucci. 60 Million. The faces of another pandemic. Finally, the book by Carlo Panza. The Natural Form.


For more information visit http://www.centrofotografia.org/mostre/introduzione/49 o http://www.fotoconfronti.it/

7°Biennial of Young Italian Photographers in Bibbiena

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