Eating in Arezzo: A True Menu from Arezzo

You did not have time to inform yourself, the preparations for the departure did not leave you a moment of breath. An unusual thing for a gourmet traveler like you so attentive to the culinary traditions of the places you are about to explore.

Do not worry, you can fix it. In Arezzo hosts, restaurant owners and producers are eager to reveal the secrets of good food. They are the guardians of a mastery at the stove that makes the city a Bengodi for all palates. At the base there is a mainly peasant tradition that the chefs of Arezzo sometimes respect faithfully and others revisit with class without distorting it. 

The Authentic Taste of the City

An accelerated course in local food and wine is what you need. It is the only way you will know what to order in the old town restaurants and the out-of-town spots. The delicacies, you will discover in this mini encyclopedia of taste in Arezzo, reflect the character of the city very much.

Get ready to meet dishes with strong and unmistakable flavors. Of course, even in Arezzo you can taste Tuscan specialties. From panzanella to cold cuts and cheeses passing through ribollita,  rosticciana and cantucci to soak in vinsanto.

Meat and meat sauce are very present, but not for this reason in Arezzo you will stay hungry if you have chosen to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Restaurants in the city have kept up with the times and it will not be difficult to find delicious proposals that meet your needs.

Even people with coeliac disease can rest easy. Both in the city and nearby there are various addresses with a rich gluten-free proposal from appetizers to first courses, from main courses to dessert.

Away From Cliches, Away From Usual Routes

A good fork will surely be in uncomfortable situations for those who consider meals as a daily feast. We are talking about disappointing meals and betrayed expectations, blame attractive tourist menus on paper but cooked with sloppiness or poor ingredients.

Bad experiences are banned in Arezzo or at least reduced to the bone. Here, the food professionals know well that the belly wants its part and good food is the abc of the welcome of Arezzo, an indispensable element in the recipe of quality tourism.

That is why what to eat in Arezzo is an integral part of your stay. Do not deprive yourself of a divine experience for your taste buds when it is at hand. All it takes is a smattering of theory on the typical dishes of the territory and the curiosity to try as many delicacies as possible. 

Tuscan Style Belly Satisfaction

Trust the cooks in Arezzo. Study, passion and excellent skills guide you on a unique journey where tradition mixes with innovation and tricks of the trade refined by years of experimentation and success at the stove.

In short, here delicacy is at home. Let yourself be carried away in the Eden of the tastes of the city. In the city a rich range of restaurants will compete for your attention. Whether you consult online reviews, ask for advice or trust your instincts it will be difficult to fail.

Now take your seat at your table and make yourself comfortable. The king’s mouthfuls of this corner of Tuscany are about to glide in front of you within fork reach.

Crostini Neri

Tuscan appetizer par excellence, crostini with chicken liver sauce catapult you at supersonic speed in the not plus ultra of the Arezzo food. A true sauce, strong and lively which is spread on slices of crispy bread – usually baked for a few days – soaked in broth. 

Born in the rural context, it is a dish of poor and very old origins. Think that it comes from a particularly popular paté in the banquets of nobles during the Middle Ages.

Pici all’aglione

Take an XXL leek that looks a lot like a garlic and stew it over a low heat until it dissolves in a cream. Add well ripe or peeled tomatoes, season with salt and a pinch of sugar and thicken everything. In a few steps you will get a celestial sauce, perfect to make memorable a nice plate of pici all’aglione

A variety of vegetable which is a true autochthonous excellence. You can only eat it here, since it is cultivated almost exclusively in the area crossed by the Canale Maestro della Chiana. It is more digestible than garlic, more delicate and does not leave a bad taste in the mouth. That is why it is called “garlic of the lovers” or “garlic of the kiss”. 

There are countless Arezzo recipes in which it is present, but pici, a fresh pasta similar to large spaghetti, are a great classic in combination with the aglione. It is the most common proposal that restaurateurs in the city will offer you thanks to the exceptional success of this pair.

Chianina Steak

It is the queen of the Valley of the Clanis, the artificial canal that bathes the garden of agriculture at the gates of Arezzo. The white giant bred in this area since immemorial time is the Chianina cow which lives in the open air and also grazes in the mountain meadows of Casentino and Valtiberina. It is an extraordinary animal with a calm character and a white mantle like milk. I am sure you will be impressed by its stature since it is at least five feet tall at the withers. 

Exceptional as a basic ingredient of a fantastic white ragout, it is unbeatable as grilled steak (it is excellent rare). Try it as main in different cuts, also raw ordering it as tartar, roast beef or carapccio.

Fegatelli and grifi

It is time to introduce you to two other carnivorous delicacies. The fegatelli are compact bullets that are salted, peppered and flavored with fennel seeds. They are packaged wrapped in small pieces of net then the preparation is completed on the grill or in a pan. Origins really remote for this main strong flavor and unforgettable dish which would be a real shame not to try. 

Grifi instead are made with cheeks, lips and muzzle of calf. Do not be impressed by the low-quality ingredients because they are combined together and stewed with aromas, spices and tomato which give off a heavenly taste.

Baccalà all’aretina

Not only meat populates the Olympus of Arezzo gastronomy. Indeed, even  fish is placed in the local dishes with the recipe of Baccala’ all’aretina.

All right, you are not in a seaside resort, but this floured and fried in olive oil cod recipe will not leave you disappointed. Tradition has delivered to Arezzo cooks three different variations with chard, onions and leeks. What will be your favorite?

Gattò all’aretina

Tuscan people renamed it “salame del re”, but its official name comes from the French word that means cake. It is the gattò all’aretina. Custard and chocolate cream are embraced on a base of biscuit dough that is rolled and wet with the Alchermes, a regional liqueur which is said to have been highly appreciated at the court of the Medici. 

Close your royal banquet with this ancient dessert with which you can have an encore in many pastry shops in Arezzo and surroundings.