Union of Municipalities of Valtiberina

The Tuscan Apennines will surprise you with the wealth of nature, masterpieces of art and craftsmanship and the flavors of traditional foods you’ll find there. You can discover all these while you’re on the road, traveling through these territories and towns that are all united by a deep Tuscan soul. They all have authentic beauty that time cannot erase. 

Anghiari, known as the City of the Battle, has an unmistakable profile and is one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy. It has been designated as an “Orange Flag City” as well as a “Slow Town.” Every summer on June 29th, the village puts on the “Palio della Vittoria” event and celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost masterpiece. 

Badia Tedalda dominates the Alpe della Luna from above. It’s a mountainous town that has ancient traditions and nature reserves that entice you with their dense network of waterways that resonate in the valley. The abundant nature gives life to the landscape of this area, unique in all the world for its beauty and mysticism. 

Sansepolcro is the town of Piero della Francesca, considered a genius of the Renaissance. The town boasts “the most beautiful work of art in the world:” the Resurrection by Piero. It’s a lovely, industrious town that shows its colors during the spectacular “Palio della Balestra,” an event which began in the 15th century and takes place every year.


Caprese Michelangelo is the birthplace of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti. It preserves its origins and Michelangelo’s masterpieces in the old Rocca House Museum. This town is famous for its mushrooms, truffles and the sweetest chestnut that exists: the DOP Chestnut of Caprese Michelangelo. 

Sestino is a mountain town that borders Tuscany, Umbria and Marche regions. The town has prestigious ancient origins and today it’s home to the spectacular Roman Antiquarium. The uncontaminated nature that dominates this valley makes a visit here even more worthwhile.