Subbiano is located on the left bank of the Arno river in the lowlands of the Casentino valley.  The village has ancient origins and records of the town date back more than three thousand years. These are kept in the Documentation Center of Archaeological Culture. The entire history of Subbiano, from prehistoric times to the 1900s contains one constant element: water. Thanks to the river and the groundwater underneath, lush forests of chestnut, oak and beech trees flourish here. The energy of the river has always been vital for this village, as demonstrated by the old water mills that are located in the village of Falciano on the banks of the Arno river.Upon arriving in Subbiano, you can see the Longobard Tower, overlooking the banks of the Arno river along with the Castle of Subbiano. The two structures together look out over the whole village with its narrow streets. Don’t miss the Museum of the Farmhouse with its exhibitions that reconstruct the life and times of the peasant farmer at home, in the fields and at work in this corner of Tuscany not far from the Valenzano Castle.