Montevarchi is located at the crossroads between Arezzo, Florence and Siena and is the biggest town of the Valdarno area. In the past, the town’s strategic position placed it at the center of fierce clashes between the three cities to take control of the territory. Modern-day Montevarchi has a beautiful medieval historic center with the Varchi Square as its center. This square is the ancient heart of the town and hosts the spectacular “Gioco del Pozzo” or Game of the Well in costumes. 

The Pretorio Palace and the beautiful Collegiate Church of Saint Laurence face one another in the Varchi Square. The headquarters of the Museum of Sacred Art is also located in the square and houses masterpieces of glazed terracotta pieces by Andrea della Robbia. Here you can see the famous small temple and the iconic Delivery of the Reliquary of the Sacred Milk by Count Guerra. 

For fans of prehistoric times and for young visitors, there is the spectacular Paleontological Museum of Montevarchi. This museum has an impressive collection of the preserved remains of over 2600 prehistoric animals including elephants, mammoth hyenas, prehistoric dogs and saber-toothed tigers. 

Take a thrilling journey to the beginning of time.