Chiusi della Verna

The village at the foot of the sacred mountain of Francis.

Chiusi della Verna is in the heart of the lush National Park of the Casentino Forests. Here you can visit the Sanctuary of San Francis at La Verna located on the sacred mountain where Francis received the stigmata. This is a place of devotion, of pilgrimage immersed in faith and in the wilderness. Around the Sanctuary, there are centuries-old beech forests that offer evocative views and deep silence that can accompany you on a meditative stroll.

Chiusi della Verna has always been an important town. It was a hub during antiquity, as far back as to the times of the German Via Romea and through the Middle Ages. During that time, it acted as a vital stop-over point for pilgrims and travellers from northern Europe. Today, as in the past, these paths of silence lead travelers step by step to discoveries that can resonate in the depths of the soul.

In the winter, the territory is often covered by a thick blanket of snow. In the spring and summer,  travelers from all over the world liven up these places by visiting the Sanctuary. In the surrounding countryside, there are many festivals and events such as The International Festival of Organ Music, which takes place in the Church of the Sanctuary. In mid-July, there is the re-enactment event of the Donation of the Mount to Saint Francis with dances, flag wavers, performers in costumes, music and other celebrations. In August, the village hosts a craft market and the truffle and mushroom festivals, where you can taste Tuscan foods that come from the Casentino Valley.