Castel San Niccolò

A stone village hidden in the heart of the primitive Casentino area

Crossing an old stone bridge, you arrive at the Castle of the Guidi Counts in Castel San Niccolò. This palace, a fortress built in the 1400s, looks like a castle straight out of a fairytale. It is unknown to many people and still very well preserved. From high above, the castle dominates the village of San Niccolò. This village is known as the ‘stone village’ because every two years it hosts master stonemasons from all over the world for the Exhibition of Crafted Stone. This historic event celebrates an artisan tradition that has been handed down for generations by the people of Strada in Casentino, which is the most important village in the vast municipality of San Niccolò.The Municipality of Castel San Niccolò brings together the villages of Strada, Vado, Cetica and Borgo alla Collina. These towns are part of an ancient land where popular and artisan traditions are still maintained. It’s an area immersed in the imposing green space of the Castel Casentino Forest Park of Monte Falterona and Campigna, a place to be discovered at just the right pace.