Caprese Michelangelo

Caprese Michelangelo is famous as the birthplace of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti but it is also known for its traditional Tuscan dishes using mushrooms and truffles. The town is also proud of its local chestnuts, especially the Marrone DOP, the most precious chestnut there is. 

Caprese Michelangelo is a village in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines, along the Tiber Valley. The village has a long history, going back to the time of the Lombards and it still has elements that demonstrate some of the brightest moments of its past. The Caprese Castle dominates the village from above and today houses the Museum of Michelangelo’s Home. The Castle has several rooms with contemporary art exhibitions and the most important and rarest collection of reproductions of the original statues of the great master’s works. 

Traditional cuisine and flavors are at the center of the culture of this town. Caprese Michelangelo is famous for its restaurants and farmhouses where you can try authentic Tuscan mountain cuisine, full of the mushrooms and truffles that come from the forests of the valley. The best item that this area provides is its “Marrone DOP.” This chestnut is of ‘protected origin’ and is truly unique with an intense, sweet flavor. Caprese Michelangelo is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy life at a slow pace. You can discover the flavors and techniques from those who lived the Tuscan peasant life in the Apennines. You can immerse yourself in the marvelous forests and walk in the footsteps of Saint Francis as you take the path from La Verna towards Assisi, with a stop in the sacred place of the Casella Hermitage, all but hidden among the old beech trees and ancient spiritualism.