Rolling hills and medieval villages on the banks of the Arno river

Capolona sits at the point where the Arno river “turns its nose to the people of Arezzo,” as Dante wrote in the Divine Comedy

A group of small villages and green hills surround the Pratomagno mountain from below and reach the right bank of the Arno river. Here the ancient, characteristic villages of Vado, Castelluccio, Lorenzano and Caliano are located. One of those villages, Santa Margherita still maintains the traces of its important medieval past. 

Every small stone here guides you on a journey through time, from its Roman origins to the Middle Ages and up to the Renaissance. Each stone piece leaves room for wonder and everything calms down. Capolona and its villages are the perfect destination if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, take a walk in green spaces, rediscover the taste of Tuscan traditions and take the time you need to discover the wonders of the past. These hills shine in every season, but March is the best time for truffle lovers to come and check out the Trade Show for the Marzuolo Truffle.