An ancient view into primitive Casentino

Bibbiena is the largest town in all of the Casentino area and is an excellent starting point for those who want to discover the natural wonders of the Casentino Forest Park of Monte Falterona and Campigna. Before you set out to explore the oldest forests in Europe with their centuries-old beech trees which are home to deer and wolves, make a stop in Bibbiena. This town offers a glimpse of the Renaissance in Tuscany. 

Bibbiena began as a medieval stronghold, with its Tarlati Tower standing high above. Because it sits at an altitude of 425 meters, Bibbiena affords beautiful panoramic views of the Casentino area. As you explore this medieval village, you can find many architectural features from the 1400s as well as other art history treasures. There is the Church of Saint Laurence with the glazed terracotta pieces by Della Robbia, the Dovizi Palace, the Church of Saint Ippolite and Donald and the Oratory of Saint Francis, a true jewel of the Tuscan Rococo period. Just outside of town, you can see the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Sasso, a true Renaissance example with its beautiful cloister. 

For anyone who loves artisan crafts and finding unique pieces, the town of Soci is not to be missed. Here the famous Casentino cloth has been produced for more than 100 years in rich green and orange colors made of high quality fabric that is valued all over the world. 

Archeology lovers should visit the Partina Castle which houses the Archaeological Museum of the Casentino area and contains the most important ancient discoveries from the valley. These treasures tell the evolution of the land from prehistory, through the Etruscan period and then past the Roman era. 

It’s truly a journey through time, beauty and nature.