Arezzo is the city of Vasari, the city of Petrarch and of Piero della Francesca. Arezzo is a gem of a city with an ancient past, including Etruscan and Roman Arezzo. Arezzo is a city of gold and antiques. You’ll fall in love with Arezzo.

Arezzo is uniquely Tuscan and will charm you in many ways. From the scorching stones of its fortress to the various colors of its cathedral, the city’s history echoes through the streets of the historic center. That history is also reflected in the facades of its buildings and churches and in its collection of medieval and Renaissance masterpieces.

Arezzo is a fascinating city where things are done well, including art. It’s a city where time flows at just the right pace, allowing for care and ingenuity. Arezzo is known for its gold production that is done by skilled hands, for its world-famous craftsmen, for its architecture and for its fashion industry

Arezzo changes with the seasons and it celebrates life all year round. In the winter, it becomes the Arezzo City of Christmas.  In the summer, it puts on many events leading up to its historic Saracino Joust. All through the year, Arezzo is known as the city of the Antique Fair, which has been up and running every month since 1968. It takes place on the first Sunday of the month and brings the historic center and Piazza Grande area to life with its unique treasures. There is a lot of music and entertainment, including festivals and concerts. The famous Polyphonic happens every year in late August. During this event, Arezzo becomes the capital of choral music. Arezzo is also a city of physical well-being, of sports and holistic events, and of course, of genuine Tuscan foods.

Arezzo is a great place to discover, to travel back in time and to slowly enjoy every experience so that every moment is shared and remembered.

Arezzo is where life is beautiful and it’s located right in the heart of Tuscany.