Time Travel Experience

Would you like to travel in time and live new experiences every day?

In Arezzo you can!

Thanks to the "Time Travel Experience" calendar every day during the entire month of August, you travel through time thanks to activities, events and initiatives that will offer the unmissable opportunity to discover history, traditions and lifestyles of this land.

Through Arezzo Time Travel Experience you can transform yourself into a medieval knight of the Saracino Joust, participate in artisan workshops dedicated to ceramics, mosaics and fabric decoration or in an itinerant representation in costume where the city is told about through the Fourteenth-century novels by Boccaccio or taking inspiration from the words of Dante Alighieri. And do not miss the opportunity to visit the old city centre with a guide who will reveal fantastic stories and mysterious legends of the Arezzo that was. 

Let yourself be carried away by Arezzo Time Travel Experience and immerse yourself in a suspended time full of charm and fun!

Master craftsmen at the museum

September 04th - 11th - 18th - 25th 

Discover the secrets of ancient manufactures in exclusive workshops during which skilled artisans will guide you to the knowledge of ancient know how and traditions.

I Novellattori

August 01st - 08th - 14th - 15th - 22nd

September 05th

Two actors in medieval clothes will lead visitors through city paths transforming them into spectators, going to find together less hidden corners.

On horseback dreaming of the joust

August 02nd - 05th - 09th - 12th - 16th - 19th - 26th - 23th - 30th

September 02nd - 12th - 19th

An experience to play for a couple of hours as a jouster and enter the magical atmosphere of the Saracino Joust in Arezzo.

To discover the watercolor

August  03rd - 10th - 31st

September 10th - 24th

Through a journey into the world of art history. Laura will guide you in the discovery of watercolor, a very ancient technique that from the Renaissance onwards becomes common use for the preparatory studies of the great masters and their great works.

Create your fabric using the ancient art of the loom

August  04th - 24th - 27th

Nel cuore del centro storico di Arezzo, Laura, maestra in tessitura e restauratrice di tessuti antichi, vi accompagnerà in un'esperienza di tessitura con telaio manuale, tradizione del nostro territorio sin dagli Etruschi.

Make your fresco painting

August  06th - 13th

September 3rd - 17th

In the heart of the old city centre of Arezzo, Laura, a master in weaving and restorer of ancient fabrics, will accompany you in an experience of weaving with a manual loom, tradition of our territory since the Etruscans.

Laboratory of fresco

August  11th - 17th

The magic of one of the oldest and most appreciated painting techniques in the world within everyone’s reach! Discover the fresco painting in a workshop set up inside a restoration studio where you can breathe the ancient charm of the artistic workshops of the Renaissance.

The goldsmith tradition of Arezzo - Laboratory

August  25th

Every piece of jewellery is made combining traditional goldsmith techniques and cutting edge technology to ensure the creation of one-of-a-kind jewels.

Discover Arezzo Tour

Every Saturday and Sunday

Every weekend free guided tours Arezzo to Tell and Discover Arezzo, itineraries in the city with guaranteed departure to get to know Arezzo, the most beautiful places, but also the most particular stories and anecdotes.