Flavours and fragrances in the land of Arezzo

Let yourself be inebriated by the sweet scents that are typical of the farmers' markets at 0 km of Arezzo and its valleys, where local producers offer fresh seasonal delicacies of high quality.  Juicy fruits, excellent vegetables and typical products of the Arezzo area are already waiting for you.

The territory of Pratomagno, between Casentino and Valdarno, offers a ham with a sweet and unique taste, as well as zolfino beans, traditionally cooked in a flask! The red potato from Cetica is a workhorse of the Casentino valley, from which exceptional first courses such as gnocchi and tortelli casentinesi are made. Do not miss its precious marzuolo truffle, its sweet chestnuts and unmistakable fresh cheeses, such as raviggiolo and caprino. Among the unique specialties of the green valley of Valdarno we remember the Tarese, a particular bacon unique for the way it is processed and seasoned; the chicken with yellow legs called Valdarnese Bianca, and two races of chickpeas typical of this territory, the "Cece Rosa" and the "Cece piccolo del Valdarno". The fertile Valdichiana is the kingdom of the white giant, the Chianina cow, as well as of Aglione, a particular leek that gives personality to appetizers, first and second courses without burdening them - which has been cultivated here since Etruscan times - in addition to an enviable range of pecorino cheeses to suit all tastes. The Valtiberina contributes to this wonderful range of specialties, all to be tasted, with the exquisite chestnuts from Caprese Michelangelo and with truffles, which pervade the entire valley with their unmistakable scent. Thanks to the beautiful vineyards and olive groves that extend as far as the eye can see on its green hills, the territory of Arezzo produces a valuable Extra Virgin Olive Oil and refined Chianti wines, essential to accompany its gastronomic delights and make the world of the Aretine tastes special.