The Antique fair of Arezzo is the most ancient and beautiful in Italy. Every first Sunday and the previous Saturday it has come back since 1968. It reunites interested people and antiquity experts from all over the world. In the Antique Fair of Arezzo there are more than 300 stalls with an extraordinary variety of past objects. In Piazza Grande and along the old city centre streets, during the Antique fair, you will immerse yourself in a past time period, discovering the traces of old times. At the same time, it will be a treasure hunt and research into unique and rare objects. Here in Arezzo art and history rule during the Antique fair and they increase by each edition.

The Antique fair places

The Antique Fair is in the old city centre of Arezzo. In Piazza Grande under the Logge Vasari, you can find the Twentieth century art stalls: laces, antique jewels and art fashion-jewels, old cameras, coins and books. On the Piazza Grande bricks and macigno stones there are the old furniture and statue stalls with very rare collections. The Antique fair path crosses Corso Italia, where you can find the House Museum Ivan Bruschi, which is a treasure chest of ancient objects and reflects the Antique Fair founder’s inheritance. It goes farther in via Cavour, via Cesalpino and Saint Francis square, in front of the basilica which guards the frescoes of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca, a renaissance masterpiece. You can find stalls even in via Guido Monaco, in front of the Petrarca Theatre and in Piazza della Badia, where you can find the Basilica of Saints Flora and Lucilla, where inside you can admire Vasari, Bartolomeo della Gatta e Dal Pozzo. In the upper part of the old city centre of Arezzo the Antique fair stalls approach Piazza del Comune, just in front of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato. The September fair, which is at the same time as the Saracino Joust, moves to the Prato of Arezzo, the park by the Cathedral on the Saint Donato hill, where you can have an extraordinary view of the City.

A true collector's paradise

The Antique fair of Arezzo is the antiquity collector’s paradise. Strolling through the stalls gives one surprise after another. It is a timeless beauty journey between extremely rare art pieces, publishing and old books, sacred objects, army and navy relics, musical and scientific instruments, toys, pieces of furniture, ancient jewels, old coins, watches and stamps. At the Antique Fair of Arezzo, step by step, we can shape our greatest passions, we are conscious that only here we will find the rare object which will enchant us such as in a dance between antiquity, vintage and quality art crafts. When the music is over you will have found the unique piece with its history which will be able to tell a bit of yours too. You will choose it for your house and for your life.

A monthly recurrence and a lot of side events

Every first Sunday and the previous Saturday the Antique fair comes back in Arezzo for more than fifty years. Every edition has a particular charm: the September fair is unique for the place where it happens. While in Piazza Grande and along the old city centre streets there is the Saracino Joust, the historic reenactment and Medieval tournament of Arezzo, the Prato, the park on the Saint Donato hill, hosts the Antique Fair. Here the Stalls are organized in a perfect half circle following the shape of the ancient path which was built by the Medici in the Sixteenth century. The fair becomes the homeowner, immersed in the green, between the Cathedral and the Fortress of Arezzo. Past and present stories are linked in a path which is extraordinary and unique every time. Every month there are collateral events which increase its value and amusement. Every April and September in Piazza Grande under the Logge Vasari there is Foto Antiquaria, an old camera trade show. In May there is Dandy Days, the National dandy meeting, in Piazza Grande and through the old city centre streets and this is a weekend dedicated to charm and style. In the spring, the Ardita dell’Alpe di Poti, an 80kms classic bike race which starts and ends in Piazza Grande and to await the sportsmen there is even a trade show with bikes, cloths and all the antiquity charm. During Christmas time, the Antique Fair is linked to Arezzo the Christmas city, the biggest and most shining event linked to Christmas time in Central Italy. A paradise for art, antiquity and Christmas lovers.