Arezzo the city of gold

Arezzo, the ancient Arretium, has always been the city of gold. It is the undisputed Italian jewelry capital and through time it has become one of the world’s jewelry capital.

From the Etruscan to the industrial district 

The history of the precious metal manufacturing is linked to the history of Arezzo itself. Everything was born with the Etruscans, this very ancient population who were among the greatest gold masters of the past.

Between the IX and the I century B.C., in Etruria Goldsmithing was born thanks to the Etruscans, who had a very refined gold work technique called the granulation, which consists of reducing the metal into very small crumbs which are then soldered on a thin foil to shape jewels.

This technique, as everything which regards the Etruscan population, is still partly unknown but if we are in Arezzo we can see their extraordinary creations in the National Archeological Museum  Gaio Cilnio Mecenate, in the National Medieval and Modern Art Museum and in the MAEC, the Etruscan Academy Museum in Cortona which definitely deserves a visit.

From the Etruscan onwards, in Arezzo gold has always been worked and grew with the birth of the flourishing gold shops in the Sixteenth century. The jewels, which were born here, arrived in the Renaissance courts of Florence and Rome. Then, on commission of the papacy, the production of religious jewels started.

In the Twentieth century, Arezzo transformed itself from a farming artisan city to an Industrial city and the gold industrial district, which counts more than one thousand companies nowadays, was born. The turning point happened in1926 when Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori  created the UnoAerre, which leaves a permanent imprint on the Arezzo industrial reality.

The gold craftsmen shops in Arezzo

The gold craftsmen of Arezzo are among the most appreciated in the world. Their lab shops animate the old city centre and they deserve a visit. They are special places, where unique pieces and precious objects are still hand-made. Only here is it possible to sit down and draw, followed by one of the gold masters, our own unique jewel to wear and give in the most important moments.

In the gold craftsmen shops of Arezzo the working system still follows very ancient hand processes: the repoussage, the engraving, the fretwork, the microcasting and the mold, a slow and full of charm procedure.

Goldsmith craftsman at work
The gold craftsmen shops of Arezzo the working system still follows very ancient hand processes.

The gold museum 

In Piazza Grande, in the historic Palazzo della Fraternita, we can find the gold museum, which guards the most beautiful expressions of the last 50 years of jewelry from Arezzo

Between art, industry, fashion and design, the very rich collection called “Oro d’Autore”, which includes and enhancesthe most precious pieces of the gold tradition from Arezzo, excels. An endless glitter. 

OroArezzo and Gold Italy,  the gold exhibitions in Arezzo

The gold industrial district of Arezzo is the most important in Italy and one of the world’s most important. That is why, here in Arezzo, there are two very important exhibitions : OroArezzo and Gold Italy, which are reference points for the global gold market.

OroArezzo is an exhibition dedicated to the made in Italy jewels and it gathers the production  excellence from all the Italian gold districts, which are specialized in the jewel production and represent the top quality of gold production. Guests, authorized personnel and International top buyers from more than 60 countries  come to Arezzo for this exposition.

In October, Gold Italy is a three-day International workshop. It puts in contact the made in Italy jewel supply, coming from a selection of the best Italian jewelry companies, with the International demand from the most important markets for the made in Italy production. 

It is a hi-tech exhibition thanks to an innovative digital business matching platform, where buyers and exhibitors share a virtual diary for organizing focused meetings. Then, at the end of the day, we go out and we live Arezzo in all its beauty, which is an inspiration source of the most creative companies.

 Jewels exhibited at Oro Arezzo
OroArezzo is an exhibition dedicated to the made in Italy jewels.

The splendor of the Lancia d’Oro and of the Albero d’oro

Arezzo is the city of gold and certainly  it is not an accident that the most desirable award of the Saracino Joust is the Lancia d’Oro, an almost four meter long wooden lance covered by a small layer of gold. In this craftsmen masterpiece from Arezzo the wood, the semiprecious stones, the gold, the painting and the metals are linked to give life to a unique and timeless creation.

In the signs of art and love we want to bring you to Lucignano: here, in the Civic Museum of the Palazzo Pretorio,  is the golden tree called Albero d’Oro.It is a masterpiece of Fourteenth century goldsmithing and still today it attracts couples from all over the world who come here to declare eternal love to each other in this village, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. 

The Albero d’oro of Lucignano is a two meter high reliquary made of gold, pearls and precious stones. It is a unique piece of art which could be realized only here.

Only here in the land of Arezzo, the beauty and the craftsmanship are joined to the goldsmithing art giving life to a timeless magic which is able to charm us still today.

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