Arezzo for the families: to the discovery of the city parks

by Elisa Lerda – Eli and Fabi On The Road

I like to define Arezzo as a modern city with historical and artistic roots.

For those who have never been here, it is not easy to understand its particular charm but that is precisely what distinguishes it from other Tuscan cultural cities. The city of Arezzo is linked to art and culture; some important historical figures were born and/or lived here such as the Master Piero della Francesca, the writer and poet Francesco Petrarca and the musical theorist Guido Monaco.

The old city centre is full of squares, places and buildings which are pieces of art with a great historical importance. In spite of this, Arezzo is not just a city for art lovers, indeed, it is tradition-bound, but very modern, open to the future and new, a perfect city for a holiday in Tuscany.
One of the main features of the city is its being family-friendly; between history and art there are many green spaces where you can entertain children or just relax, making it a city livable and suitable for a weekend in the heart of Tuscany.

The Parks of Arezzo

Arezzo is a city surrounded by green, you have just to go a bit out of the city centre and you can find yourselves in the countryside. Indeed, in a one hour drive, you can reach the  Parco of the Foreste Casentinesi, but you do not have to go far away from the city centre to find yourselves  immersed in the green.

There are many green spaces and playgrounds nearby the old city centre of Arezzo. They are useful to entertain and amuse children, to spend a few hours relaxing and to cool off during the sultry summer days. In every corner and district of the city there are green areas with games, but above all, not to be underestimated, also the special areas dedicated to dogs, so even families with 4-legged friends can be at ease.

Among the most important parks, perfect for being in the middle of nature, we can find the Prato, Parco Pertini, Parco Ducci and the Parco of Villa Severi.

The Prato

Arezzo is one of the very few cities to have a park in the old city centre, in the upper part of the city

The Prato is located in a privileged position between two symbolic places, the magnificent Cathedral of Arezzo and the Medicean Fortress.

The Prato is considered  the main park for the people from Arezzo; it is very popular and crowded especially on weekends. From here you have one of the most beautiful views of the city, from the viewpoint you can admire the entire valley of Arezzo. It is a perfect place to relax after visiting the old city centre of Arezzo. The centre of the park is dominated by the statue of Francesco Petrarca, and, on the other side, there is a small playground for children with a kiosk for snacks.

Il Prato
Il Prato è il Parco che domina dall’alto la città.

Parco Pertini

Another green space loved by the inhabitants is located on the opposite side of the Prato, and it can be reached through the old town, it is Parco Pertini, also called Parco Giotto. This park remembers some European capital parks such as the ones in London or Paris. Inside there is a playground for children, numerous benches to relax and a pond. The Parco Pertini is perfect for the whole family, while parents relax in the shade of the many trees that make it up, children can have fun running and playing safely. Inside the park there are also paths for walking and cycling.


Parco Pertini
Parco Pertini, ex Parco Giotto, è un posto di ritrovo per famiglie dove i bambini giocano tranquilli.

Parco Ducci

Moving slightly away from the old town, you approach a smaller park but very cute for children. It is the Parco Ducci. A park divided into two parts: one dedicated entirely to children with outdoor games and the other perfect for a bit of relaxation or a walk in nature. Parco Ducci is also suitable for those who want to train or simply stay outdoors to play sports.

Parco of Villa Severi

Still outside the centre of Arezzo, there is a beautiful green space, which deserves to be visited and it is the Parco of Villa Severi. The park is dominated by the villa from which it takes its name, Villa Severi, in honor of the mathematician Francesco Severi (the last private owner of this villa). The park has free parking for those who come here by car, but it can also be reached on foot, by bike or by bus.
The Park of Villa Severi can be considered the “green lung” of the city, its surface is about 8 hectares. If you are looking for an oasis surrounded by greenery, away from the chaos of the city, this is the perfect place. Here, children can run carefree in the expanses of grass without problems.
Inside there is a beautiful pond with a colony of turtles, a small amphitheatre, fountains, benches, playgrounds for children and also an area dedicated to four-legged friends.
The Park of Villa Severi is also perfect for sports lovers, you can do sports activities such as jogging, running, basketball, football and much more.

All this makes Arezzo a perfect destination for families, great to combine moments of history, culture and leisure, play, fun and relaxation. A beautiful city on a human scale which will amaze you.


Villa Severi
Il Parco di Villa Severi può essere considerato il polmone verde della Città di Arezzo.

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