Arezzo between art and cinema

In Arezzo beloved film makers took their first steps and came back for shooting their dreamlike big stories. Creative people and artists of our time join and lead us to the discovery of the cinema and art places of this land.

Here, the Middle-Age charm is linked with the Renaissance art. We can breathe it in the small streets of Borgunto, where it is beautiful to get lost and find ourselves in an atmosphere suspended in time. Here, the Roman columns peek out from the old fortress and city walls, we can come back to breathe and discover the beauty of ancient times.

This mood has something magic, indeed it bewitches the most famous directors of our time thanks to a city beauty which is able to speak straight to the lover’s hearts. 

I promise you, Arezzo will delight you.

Arezzo, an Oscar award city

Arezzo is the city of Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni, this movie made Piazza Grande with its Logge del Vasari and Piazza della Badia with the Basilica of Saints Flora e Lucilla famous even in Hollywood. Not to mention the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato: here the protagonists, Guido e Dora, walked under a thunderous rain at the beginning of their love.Benigni was not the only one to love and choose Arezzo as a location of his Nobel Award movie. One of the most touching scenes of The English Patient, the one with the angel flight by candlelight between the church frescoed walls was set in the Bacci Chapel of the Basilica of Saint Francis where there is the most beautiful Renaissance fresco. We are speaking about the Legend of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca, the cycle of frescoes in which colors and perspective are melted to tell the story of the sacred tree from which the Cross of  Jesus Christ will be formed. We are not promising you that we can discover it by flying over it but we assure you that visiting this masterpiece you feel kidnapped and perhaps you feel like you are flying at one meter high.

Life is Beautiful - Arezzo
“Maria, the key!” is a great saying in the movie “Life is Beautiful” directed by Roberto Benigni.

Location to upload on Instagram

Who has never greeted his beloved with a “Good Morning Princess” such as in Life is Beautiful? So in Arezzo, you could relive that magic and romantic moment. In piazza della Badia, in front of the Basilica of Saints Flora and Lucilla, you have a sweet moment to capture a snapshot and hold forever.

Inspired by famous movies it will be easy to stroll through Arezzo and get lost in its glimpse  imagining yourself as a photography director, bewitched by the perfect light and by the shade of the squares and historic buildings. If you love photography, there is not better thing than to get lost along the old city centre streets in a sunny afternoon.

Let’s raise your eyes and discover the secret city corners, the rooftop gardens with wisterias in blossom which fell down from the balconies and color with the look of purple. The same streets which Pieraccioni fell in love with and where he shot the famous Italian movie Un fantastico via vai.

Let’s walk again and approach Piazza Grande, which is so rich in monuments that deserve to be photographed in every corner. From below, where is located the Romanesque Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta with its all different columns or with a look toward the extraordinary Logge del Vasari

You can also take a picture of Palazzo della Fraternita and perhaps enter it, visiting the museum and going up to the top where on the bell tower there is Europe’s most ancient astronomical watch. From there you can see all the city and it will be easy to feel yourselves a bit as a director, photography director or travelers. The picture to upload on Instagram will be memorable.

We are rolling… in Valtiberina

Out of Arezzo, in Valtiberina, there is Anghiari, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Visiting it you will have a postcard in front. It is a perfect Medieval Village where the walls enclose the village and the little streets intertwine in a harmonic way, stone after stone.

Here, life flows slowly as it once was. Its very long descent, which crosses the village and cuts the valley in two until Sansepolcro, is topped with Garibaldi Square. From here the view is spectacular, indeed, Pieraccioni shot Una moglie bellissima with Laura Torrisi here. And a Gallehault indeed was Anghiari which made the two actors feel in love with its beauty.

Pieraccioni shot the movie “Una moglie bellissima” in Anghiari.

The Casentino of Leonardo Pieraccioni

The villages of Poppi and Stia in Casentino are the locations of the blockbuster Italian movie Il Ciclone. Pieraccioni chose these two Medieval jewels for their dimensions because they are as small as a wedding favor with their little streets, squares and craftsmen shops which are still the same today.

Stia is a little perfect medieval village for art and nature lovers. It is the ideal starting point for visiting the park called Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, which is one of the Europe’s most ancient and best-preserved green reserves. There is something for everyone for who loves cinema, trekking and culture.

Poppi, with its extraordinary castle called Castello de’ Conti Guidi, is another one of the best villages in Italy. The structure is well preserved, the castle and the village itself enclosed by the walls were the perfect locations for some craftsmen shops and the funny ironic jokes of Il Ciclone.

Piazza Tannucci - Stia
Piazza Tannucci is one of the most famous location in “Il Ciclone” direct by Leonardo Pieraccioni.

A day as Diane Lane

Who has never dreamt of living a holiday Under the Tuscan Sun? Well, the dream can be reality in Cortona in Valdichiana. In this gorgeous village, originally built by Etruschi, the blockbuster movie Under the Tuscan Sun was shot and losing the chance of reliving this magic will be an unforgiveable sacrilege.

Let’s imagine the golden landscape, cypress, olive trees, sunflowers and a good Chianti glass at sunset. So, all the Tuscan charm in only one village. Cortona is all this and much more and the movie by Audrey Wells, played by Diane Lane, reminds us that as Under the Tuscan Sun, in the land of Arezzo we can still feel in love with life.

Arezzo where The Life is Beautiful as in a movie

We lead you by hand to discover the villages and hamlets famous in Arezzo between art and cinema. Now it is up to you to discover Arezzo and live a bit of the life “all’aretina”. Where the beauty hits the eyes and the heart step by step and the air smells of a recovered time, smiles and newfound hugs. Where the life has its own taste  and it is so beautiful that it seems to live like in a movie.

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