An intimate and welcoming city

Arezzo is a gem suspended in time, where past and present intertwine in a harmonious dance. A journey through time, amid flavours, events, stories and antiques, evocative glimpses and vintage charm. This is a city where art, history and culture characterise every corner of the historic centre. Easy to visit on foot, Arezzo is a city full of museums, historical monuments and places where you can breathe in the unmistakable Tuscan atmosphere.

A place you will want to return to

A special place in your heart

[…] Arezzo is also a calm and luminous city, perched on the slope of a hill, with the Duomo at the top […]. Arezzo has remained one of my strongest Italian loves.

José Saramago, Nobel Prize for Literature

A unique territory to explore

Four valleys surround the city of Arezzo, making it the perfect destination for nature and art lovers. In this land, the rich natural heritage blends harmoniously with the artistic one, offering unforgettable emotions and experiences whose only common denominator is beauty.

An enchanting nature to plunge into

Between the valleys of the Tiber and Arno rivers, you can get lost in the wooded landscapes of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, one of the most important in Italy, and then find yourself in places of the soul such as the Sanctuary of La Verna and the Hermitage of Camaldoli. An area rich in parks and reserves, splendid natural oases where nature is protected and cared for, incredible natural landscapes, places of peace and memory.

In search of new experiences

The city and the area offer many opportunities for unique experiences. Outdoor activities, canoeing on the river or cycling along cycle paths or walking in nature along extraordinary trails. A journey through history between art and memory, experimenting with one’s own abilities and learning new skills. In search of the most genuine flavours, among vineyards and olive groves, wineries and kitchens.

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