Take your Time in Tuscany

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I am Piazza Grande and this is my story

Caprese Michelangelo: land of artists and chestnuts

Guido d’Arezzo and the birth of the musical staff

An ode to Arezzo. Travelling with Robert Whitworth

An Intimate and Exclusive Territory

Arezzo is like a gem suspended in time. It’s a place where the past and the present intertwine in a harmonious dance.

Take your time in Tuscany. Enjoy yourself, contemplate and explore the territory of Arezzo, surrounded by four green valleys. It’s an elegant, lively city. The different ages of antiquity and their splendor can be found in almost everything you see. The charm of vintage enhances your stay in this part of Tuscany which leads you on a journey through time. Slowing down here will be the gift you give to yourself as you eat excellent food, experience events with the locals, listen to stories and discover antiques, all while surrounded by the rolling hills and gurgling rivers. Dedicate your attention to the good things and learn how to listen to your heart. An exclusive, tailored holiday here can help you pamper all your senses.

Top Things to do
Following in the footsteps of Saint Francis in the Arezzo countryside
Kilowatt Festival
The “Palio” of Rioni in Castiglion Fiorentino
Discovering Wines in the Land of Arezzo
Secrets of the hunt for truffles
The “L’Ardita” and “Bicinfiera:” The Alpe di Poti area cycling tour for vintage bikes and the vintage market exhibition
The Buriano Bridge and Penna Reserve
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo December
Cycling Back in Time - The Historic bike races in Arezzo
Arezzo Academy Awards - The locations of the movie "Life is Beautiful"
The MUMEC or Museum of Media
Urban frescoes. Piero meets an artist called Bansky
I colori della Giostra
Paragliding in the Casentino area
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo Semptember
Romena the Church and its Fraternity
Vasari-Museum House
Antique Fair of Photographic Equipment
The House Museum of Michelangelo Buonarroti
The Frescoes of the Legend of the True Cross
Fuochi di San Donato
Bicycling in Casentino: Discovering the organic world
San Donato Fireworks
The "Madonna del Parto" or the Pregnant Madonna
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo November
Gaio Clinio Mecenate National Archaeological Museum
Pecorino Cheese Tour: Become a farmer for a day and learn how to make real Tuscan cheese.
Santa Maria Assunta Church in Arezzo - La Pieve
The Cathedral of Arezzo
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo October
Arezzo City of Vasari
The Sanctuary of La Verna
The “L’Ardita” permanent cycle route
An ode to Arezzo. Travelling with Robert Whitworth
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo June
The Little Diary Museum
Civic Museum of Sansepolcro
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo July
The Church of Saint Dominic
Paleontological Museum in Montevarchi
Battle Museum of Anghiari
Piazza Grande
The Wool Museum of Stia
The Antiques Fair of Arezzo August
Municipality Building and Clock Tower of Castiglion Fibocchi